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Mie’s ingredients uniquely arranged by
Masahiro Kasahara can be enjoyed.

Japanese treatment where Kasahara’s wish to make Japanese food more familiar and fun comes alive.
Enjoy the true taste of dishes filled with playfulness.

Kasaan’s course meal uses
the seasonal ingredients from Mie.

Enjoy Kasahara’s
Japanese cuisine casually.

Kasahara’s potato cream croquette,
only in Kasaan.


Business hours 7:30~9:30 (LO 9:00)
11:00~15:00 (LO 14:30)
17:00~21:00 (LO 20:30)
Regular holiday No holiday
Seat 84 seats
Phone number 059-394-7655
Note ※Only course full reservation system.
Please make a reservation with the above phone number. ※I can not reserve a seat.Please feel free to visit us.
Masahiro Kasahara

Masahiro Kasahara

Enter a hot spring and relax comfortably, and then come out and savor a tasty meal with friends and family. Using delightful ingredients from Mie, we offer Japanese food full of seasonal feeling.
That is Kasaan’s concept. We at Kasaan sincerely hope we can help with the making of your and your loved one’s great memories.

Takaya Nigawara

Takaya Nigawara | Chef |

Kasahara’s wish is providing meals which will delight customers of all ages, especially the whole family.
Our staff will continue to strive to hear you say,
“I would like to come back here again.”