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Aqua in Latin means water, Ignis means fire.
"Aqua x Ignis", which contrasts water and fire, represents hot springs, food, and men and women raised on the ground.
The image of men and women represented by water and fire resonates with the paper crane legend transmitted to Komono-cho from ancient times.
It's also the basic axis that binds the entire facility such as the romance mediated by sweets by chef Patissier Tsujiguchi, the feast by chef Okuda 's Italian and the harmony of family by chef Kasahara's Japanese cuisine.


We value heartful greetings and hospitality and through delicious food and heartwarming service,
we offer our guests a special experience like no other.
To make the region, society and the earth richer and happier,
we always try new attempts while valuing the colleagues who work together.


Company name Aqua Ignis Corporation
Representative's name Representative Director Tetsuya Tachibana
Head office location 1-14-9 Yodachu Bld.7kai, Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0031, Japan
Store address 4800-1, Komono, Komono-cho Mie-gun, Mie, 510-1233, Japan
Contact information phone 059-394-7733 /
FAX 059-394-1706
Mail address
Capital 90 million yen
Business contents ・Restaurant business
・Hot spring facilities
・Confectionery manufacturing industry
・Real estate business