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Joy of cooking best ingredients
by yourself.

Premium BBQ with carefully selected ingredients

Come empty-handed without preparation

Cheerfully enjoy aged Japanese Wagyu beef


Place Terrace in front of il-ché-cciano MIE-LE
Business hours 11:00~17:00(close sunset)
Number of people Adult 4~10 people(By appointment only)

1people 6,500YEN

Reservation menu
Abalone(May to mid-September) 200g
Spiny lobster 300g

Additional menu
Matsusaka beef 100g
※Abalone, Ise lobster, and Matsusaka beef are priced at market value.
Pizza pasta and other a la carte
※This menu can be added on the same day.

Contact 059-340-8805(il-ché-cciano MIE-LE)
※Please make a reservation at the above phone number at least 4 days in advance
※When it rains, we will provide meals using BBQ ingredients in the store.