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To heal the hearts of visitors,
the best holiday space where food and people intersect.

Located in Mie Prefecture Yunoyama, we are a hot spring resort
complex themed around healing and food.


Healing experience in space
overflowing with nature.

Aquaignis, which means “fire and water,”
is a place where one meets the power to create tomorrow,
touched by abundant nature and individuality.


Attractive cuisine by
skillful artisans.

Chef Tsujiguchi, Chef Okuda, and Chef Kasahara.
Taste the dish for yourself,
a connection with nature manifested by world-class chefs
who are meticulous,
down to the making of the ingredients.

  • Masayuki OkudaMasayuki Okuda
  • Hironobu TsujiguchiHironobu Tsujiguchi
  • Masahiro KasaharaMasahiro Kasahara


Diverse creators making
truly valuable things.

At Aquaignis, many artists and designers
join the space for your unique experience.

赤坂 知也

General Director

Tomoya Akasaka

堀岡 勝

Furniture coordinating support

Masaru Horioka

太刀川 瑛弼

Creative Director

Eisuke Tachikawa

ミヤケ マイ

Artist・Art Direction

Kei Miyama

諸泉 茂


Shigeru Moroizumi

東堂 良門


Ramon Todo

Ko Ushijima


Ko Ushijima

Naoko Hirota

Interior coordination

Naoko Hirota

鈴野 浩一 / 禿 真哉

Interior coordination

Koichi Suzuno / Shinya Kamuro

山田 佳一朗

Interior coordination

Kaichiro Yamada

藤森 泰司

Interior coordination

Taiji Fujimori

内沼 晋太郎

Book coordination

Shintaro Uchinuma

安藤 陽子

Fabric coordination

Yoko Ando

十河 岳男

Graphic designer

Takeo Togawa