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Up most attention has been paid toward the fundamentally important,
making of the soil, in order to be able to create the the very best dishes.


Safe and delicious strawberries grown with reduced pesticides and organic fertilizers.
We grow 19 varieties of strawberries. Visitors can enjoy comparing different tastes of strawberries at strawberry picking in the garden.

Strawberries picked in the morning
is used on our cakes.

Achieving deliciousness is the
focal point of our cultivation techniques.

The joy to pick fresh strawberries.


Season December~June
Business hours 10:00~17:00(Accepted until 16:20)
Service You are provided with 40 minutes of free eating at the spot (take out is not allowed).
Application Reservation acceptance from the calendar below
※If there is a vacancy in the capacity, available with no reservations.
Cultivars Benihoppe, Akihime, Kaorino, Tochiotome, Mouikko, Oi C Berry, Star Knight,
Toukun, Hoshi no Kirameki, Hoshiurara, Koiminori, Kannahime, Amaekubo, Berry Pop Suzu,
Berry Pop Haruhi, Yotsuboshi, Tenshi no ichigo, Shinku no Misuzu, Pine Berry
Price Adult Child Infant
12/1~5/6 ¥2,300 ¥1,900 ¥1,400
5/7~6/16 ¥2,000 ¥1,700 ¥1,200

※Adult…Over 12 years old
 Child…7-12 years old
 Infant…3-6 years old


※By harvest situation, there may be capacity increases. in which case, a possibility that at the "full" is changed to "free" is there until the day.

Hironobu Tsujiguchi

Hironobu Tsujiguchi


If you pursue to eat safer, more delicious sweets, it will lead to the ingredients as well.
Strawberries at TSUJIGUCHI FARM have reduced pesticide to the minimum necessary Pesticide cultivation · We are making strawberries in organic fertilizer cultivation which used plenty of things in the natural world.
Please relish this strawberry growing luxuriously.