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Our theme at Al-che-cciano is the resonance of vegetable and animal protein.
Enjoy the novel taste of this theme.

This is the place to thoroughly enjoy Italian food made with Okuda’s theory.
With "local production for local consumption" as a concept,
you will be enjoying cuisine not found anywhere else and taking advantage of Mie's food.

Masayuki Okuda’s original culinary theory

A story that starts with the trinity

There is a dish which can only be tasted here

Masayuki Okuda

Masayuki Okuda

Masayuki Okuda’s original culinary theory is a story that starts with the trinity of dishes that can only be tasted here. The concept of his dishes is the synergistic effect of plant and animal protein. Seek resonance from a variety of rich seafood and livestock products, with vegetables combined in infinite ways. Taste how they climax inside your mouth.

Shinichi Ikeda

Shinichi Ikeda| Chef |

Applying culinary philosophy learned from Masayuki Okuda to ingredients from Mie and Japan, we prepare dishes only available here. Also our Sommelier prepares wine to suit the dishes.