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Hot springs flowing constantly, only from the source,
without adding, heating, or circulating water.

All-natural hot springs where you can experience different efficacies.
Some viscous hot springs with a slight scent of sulfur that will help keep your skin smooth and warmth that lasts a long time.

“Bijin-no-yu” (a beauty spring) with alkaline properties

Open-air spa where a bamboo grove grows

All-natural hot spring


Business hours 6:00〜24:00
Regular holiday No holiday
Contact 059-394-7733
Entrance fee Adult (junior high school and older):
Weekday600 YEN / Weekends&Holidays800 YEN
Children (three years old to elementary school):
Weekday300 YEN / Weekends&Holidays400 YEN
Free for children younger than three
※For the period of Japanese holidays such as Golden Week(a week off around the end of April and the beginning of May), Obon holiday, and New year holidays, the fee for the weekend and holidays is applied.
※For guests who use diapers, please refrain from bathing in a bathtub to maintain hygiene. For young guests, we have a baby bath, so you can take a bath using a shower from a hot spring.
For guests with disability certificate: If you show us the certificate, the entrance fee will be reduced to half. Combining with other special offers and discount tickets is not accepted. Reentry and rebathing possible up to four hours.
Note Towel for lending: 100 YEN / Bath towel for lending: 200 YEN、Towel will be provided for sale for 200 YEN and bath towel is for sale for 400 YEN.※It is possible for guests to bring their own. We are equipped with shampoo, conditioner, body soap, and hair dryer, etc.

【Notes on Use】
Starting on January 1, 2016, we will be charging replacement fee of 2,000 yen for lost locker keys at the bath house and 1,000 yen for lost footwear-locker key. Please manage the keys carefully. We cannot give refunds even if the keys are returned later.


【 ”Bijin-no-yu” Kataoka Hot Spring 】

Kataoka Hot Spring flows 780ℓ per minute constantly from the underground source (1,200 meters) without adding, heating, or circulating water. It is luxuriously available for shower at 42 degrees Celsius. Also, the reason for the name, “beauty spring,” is its alkaline property which makes skin smooth, by removing unnecessary horny skin, removing dirt from pores, and decomposing melanin.

【 Indications of Bathing Based on Medical Springs Classification 】

Neuralgia Muscle pain Arthralgia Frozen shoulder
Motor paralysis Joint stiffness Bruise Sprain
Chronic gastrointestinal disease Hemorrhoids Feeling cold Recovery from fatigue
promotion of health      

*Since it flows constantly from the source, the actual temperature of the spring may change. Thank you for your understanding.