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Enjoy various pasta made with the one
and only boiling technique that had produced many legends.

At il-che-cciano, enjoy a seasonal menu based on Okuda’s theory
where you can casually savor pasta and pizza which fully takes advantage of ingredients found in the area.
We have full selections of wine, beer, and soft drinks. Feel free to visit with your family.

The Okuda theory is where ingredients determine the taste of the food.

It is a culinary philosophy
which creates flavor.

Bringing delightful dishes
where the ingredients shine to our guests.

Masayuki Okuda

Masayuki Okuda

In a word, Italian food is all about the ingredients. Here at il-che-cciano, we apply the ideas of Italian cuisine to ingredients from Mie and beyond. Enjoy our Italian pizza and pasta that is unexpectedly delightful.

Shinichi Ikeda

Shinichi Ikeda| Chef |

We serve pasta and pizza with Okuda’s idea of Italian cuisine. We prepare with seasonal ingredients, and we hope you will enjoy the pasta and pizza with its ingredients.