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Mineral Mist Bath

"Le Furo" is the new bathing habits soaking yourself with atomized hot spring.
Experience true comfort and relaxation by the energy charge and the detox of body and mind, by being surrounded by the natural stones called "YAKUSEKI (Medical stones)"
since the ancient time in Japan and by saturating yourself with the atomized Natural mineral.

By saturating yourself with the mist containing more than 30 kinds of good quality natural mineral, which is extracted from the rare stratum called "Hot spring Shale Stratum" by the special technology, it leads to increasing metabolism and activating comfortable perspiration. By increasing metabolism, it leads to fatigue recovery, dieting, and soft skin.

Highly selected 12 kinds of domestic natural stones called "YAKUSEKI (Medical stones)" cover the floor in the room. Room temperature is around 40℃, which is lower than a temperature of typical sauna. However, you become warm from inside of your body by the far-infrared ray and radium emitted from the natural stones, it leads to improving the blood circulation, a large amount of perspiration, and detox for removing the body waste.

After becoming warm from inside at the Mineral Mist Bath, take a rest at "Suzumi-dokoro" to enjoy the cool breeze. You can absorb high-quality mineral into your body by drinking Le Furo special mineral water while feeling the comfortable breeze.


Business hours 9:00~21:00
Regular holiday No holiday
Reception I accept it over the Kataoka Onsen front desk
or a telephone
Phone number 059-394-7117 (Reservation required, common for relaxation)
4,000 YEN / one time (Until up to two hours)
Towel · Room Wears · Mineral Water
are included
※Separately, I will charge a bathing fee at Kataoka Onsen.


①Washing Please clean the whole body including hair at Kataoka Onsen.
(Women should drop the makeup)
By washing, the absorption rate of minerals improves.
※Please wash before the reservation time of LeFuro.
②Getting dressed

A lot of sweat comes out when entering mineral mist bath.
Please remove underwear and change to the wear in the hall and come to LeFuro.
(Women are free to use paper underwear.)


Please drink water with mineral including LeFuro original.
④Mineral bath Approximate for 10 minutes.Until the body warms and sweat comes out.You can adjust according to your physical condition.


Please take a rest for ten minutes while drinking mineral water at "Suzumi-dokoro".

Repeat the mineral bath and break.We recommend 2 to 4 sets with one stay.

【For those who use Le Furo for the first time】

■Le Furo Bathing Notes

Please note that we will restrict your bathing to those who fall under the following.

  • ・Drinking alcohol
  • ・One who violates public morality
  • ・Those who need care
  • ・One receiving doctor’s designation including infectious disease
  • ・During pregnancy
  • ・During menstruation
Le Furo

Le Furo

"To-ji Culture (Therapeutic Bathing)" - Japanese traditional immunotherapy- It is immunotherapy to recover your health by staying at the hot spring deep in the mountain for a long time and continuing to soak in a hot spring and drink hot spring water. Le Furo was born with the hope of adopting "To-ji Culture (Therapeutic Bathing)" into the daily lifestyle of the city. By "lying down on the warm "YAKUSEKI (Medical stones)" and saturating yourself with the Mineral Mist Warm Bathing" and absorbing mineral water made by natural mineral concentrated liquid into your body, you can increase your metabolism.