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Naniwa-style Japanese cuisine
“Seian Kyomachibori Rikyu”

A restaurant supervised by “Kyomachibori Rikyu” which won one star in Michelin Osaka
You can enjoy fresh seafoods caught in Osaka Bay and healthy Japanese cuisine
mainly cooked by ingredients from the local Senshu area while viewing blue ocean and blue sky.

Authentic Naniwa-style Japanese cuisine cooked by seasonal ingredients
obtained in Osaka locally can be enjoyed as well light-heartedly.

Commitment to local ingredients in Osaka

Seian cooks seasonal ingredients including fresh seafoods caught in Osaka Bay and local vegetables there known as Naniwa specialties mainly. You can enjoy the original taste of the ingredients.

Hospitality supervised by Kyomachibori Rikyu

Cuisines served in Seian is supervised by Mr. Tsukasa Yamaguchi of “Kyomachibori Rikyu” which won one star in Michelin Osaka. Authentic Naniwa-style Japanese cuisines cooked by seasonal fresh fishes and vegetables in Osaka offered.


Basic information

Business hours Breakfast It will be suspended for the time being.
Lunch 11:00-15:00 (Last ordering time 14:30)
Dinner 17:00-22:00 (Last ordering time 21:30)
Regular holiday NIL (24-7)
TEL +81-72-463-1603
Remarks *Reservation is required for tea-ceremony dishes at least 3 days in advance to the day.
For the reservations, please call the above phone number.
Tsukasa Yamaguchi

Tsukasa Yamaguchi

Seian is a restaurant where you can enjoy Japanese cuisines at the affordable prices served from an open plan kitchen with a concept “Enjoy the meals while watching the blue sea and blue sky.
Not only the guests but also the cooks enjoy the meals. That is the cuisine of Osaka.
Wish you relax in the spa and enjoy the meals served in Seian.


1-23 Rinkuu Ouraikita, Izumisano City, Osaka Pref.
598-0048 Japan