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Summed up the questions or queries frequently asked
by the guests who use AQUAIGNIS Kansai Airport.


Do you accept any credit cards?
A.VISA and Mastercard are available. Other brands are being available subsequently.
How much for car parking?
A.It can be JPY200/hour. For a whole day parking it can be JPY500 on weekdays, and JPY700 on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, which can be the maximum rates. In addition, it can be free for the guests who use the facilities up to 2 hours.
Where to apply for a massage service?
A.The special reception for massage is there. Please ask at the front desk. Also, the specialized phone number available. Please get in touch with the phone or call +81-72-463-1607 for the reservation.
Do you accept gift coupons for payment?
A.It is not available.
Is it possible to bring baby foods?
A.It is possible in the hot bath, cafe as well as restaurant.
Are any diaper stands provided?
A.It is available in the multipurpose lavatory.
Do you sell any liquors?
A.You can choose what you want from the menu in the cafe.
Is there any place we can ask for keeping our luggage?
A.Large ones you are hard to bring to your room can be stored in the front desk.
Are there any closed days?
A.NIL. 24-7.

Senshu Onsen (hot spring)

What are the hot spring agents, spring quality and efficacy?
A.It is hot spring with a simple hypotonic low alkaline level.
Can baby bath there?
A.It is possible.
However, children who are diapers can do only in the baby bath in the bathhouse.
What are provided in the bathhouse?
A.Shampoo, hair-conditioner, body soap are provided there.
Are the baths for male and female switched from time to time?
A.They are now switched.
How old can children bath together with adults?
A.Children under 7 years old and under 120 cm (3.94 ft) can do mixed bathing.
Are there any reservable private baths?
A.Not available.
Is it possible to re-enter the facility?
A.It is possible within 4 hours after purchasing the bathing ticket. Please ask for it at the front desk.

Restaurant “Seian Kyomachibori Rikyu”

Are any menus for allergy-free foods available?
A.They are available. We shall respond to the request as much as possible whenever you can ask for them.
Is it possible only to take meals in the restaurant?
A.It is possible.


1-23 Rinkuu Ouraikita, Izumisano City, Osaka Pref.
598-0048 Japan